African name start with M

firstborn Mosi name means first born in African. Unisex name.

Machupa African M One who likes to drink Swahili, East Africa
Madu African M People Ibo, Nigeria
Madzimoyo African M Water of life Ngoni, Malawi
Malawa African M Blossoms, flowers Yao, Malawi
Mama African F Born on Saturday Fante, Ghana
Mandala African M Spectacles Ngoni, Malawi
Mandisa African F Sweet Xhosa, South Africa
Marjani African F Coral Swahili, East Africa
Masamba African M Leaves Yao, Malawi
Mashavu African F Cheeks Swahili, East Africa
Mashika African F Born during a rainy season Swahili, East Africa
Masud African M Fortunate Swahili, East Africa
Mawiyah African F The essence of life Arabic, North Africa
Mawuli African M There is a God Ewe, Ghana
Mawusi African F In the hands of God Ewe, Ghana
Mazi African M Sir Ibo, Nigeria
Mensah African M Third-born son Ewe, Ghana
Mesi African F Water Yao, Malawi
Mhina African M Delightful Swahili, East Africa
Monifa African F I am lucky Yoruba, Nigeria
Morowa African F Queen Akan, Ghana
Mosi African F First born Swahili, East Africa
Mosi African M Fifth-born Swahili, East Africa
Mudiwa African F Beloved, dearest Shona, Zimbabwe
Muminah African F Pious woman Arabic, North Africa
Munirah African F Enlightened woman Arabic, North Africa
Munyiga African M One who bothers other people Mukiga, Uganda
Musa African M Child Swahili, East Africa
Mwamba African M Powerful Nyakyusa, Tanzania
Mwanawa African F First born Zaramo, Tanzania

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