Florence name means flourishing

Florence name means flourishing


Florence is an English, Italian or French given name for girls.

It is derived from the Latin verb floreo, meaning “I flower”, in the sense of a blossom.

The name is also derived from the Italian city Firenze, or Florence, in English.

Variant name of : Firenze,Florencio,Florentino,Thales


Local Origin of Name: English
From the Latin name Florence

Meaning: ‘Flourishing’ or ‘blooming’

Emotional Spectrum . Sometimes down, but never count her out! Personal Integrity . No one is more worthy of trust.
Personality . Loyalty and sincerity – dominating qualities.
Relationships . A few close friends are all she needs.
Travel & Leisure . Florence knows how to relax! Career & Money . Self-taught skills will help Florence.
Life’s Opportunities . Only she holds the key to her happiness.
Florence’s Lucky Numbers:31 . 59 . 24 . 48 . 10 . 46

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