Yorgos name means farmer

Yorgos name means farmer

Yorgos name means farmer

Local Origin of Name: Greek
From the name Yorgos
Variant name of : George, Igoros, Seorise, Jorge, Djuro, Durad, Yuri, Gerogia

Meaning: Farmer same as George

Emotional Spectrum • A human dynamo of emotions!
Personal Integrity • A trusted individual by everyone.
Personality • He collects the best things in life.
Relationships • When it comes to friends, only ‘true blue’ need apply.
Travel & Leisure • His job supports his hobby!
Career & Money • Handling a family and a job are easy for Yorgos.
Life’s Opportunities • With the support of many friends, he will go far.
” Sympathy is a golden key that unlocks the hearts of others. ”
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